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Gacaoğlu Marble, founded in 1986 by İbrahim Öztürk, has become a modern marble management with the investments it has made by protecting the excitement of the day which was established by the 3rd generation.

Gacaoğlu Marble today offers marble products with a closed area of 10.000 m2 built on a 30.000 m2 area by processing raw marble blocks and applying various surface treatments (wiping, chamfering, polishing etc.) to the customers if requested by the customers in the desired sizes, as a semi-finished or full product to the customers as construction delivery.

Our company has infrastructure to meet the needs of our customers on time with large product range, multiple production lines and production and stock capacity that can meet large-scale needs.

Our marble quarry, located in Denizli Karahallı Köselli region, serves with an annual production capacity of 20.000 m3.

Gacaoğlu Marble will continue to serve its customers with the same meticulousness today as it has left the 37th year in the marble industry with the influence of the quality of marble and customer satisfaction. Thank you for choosing us.

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